Triple J’s Hottest 100: The Most Controversial List Yet

The ABC’s Triple J has moved their Hottest 100 to the day after Australia Day in 2018. In line with many local councils around the nation, the broadcaster has opted to remove their biggest day of the year away from the controversy and out of the firing line. There has been growing discussion about the nature of Australia Day in relation to our First Australians. Many indigenous Aussies feel that celebrating the invasion and conquering of their ancestors is an insult to them and the memory of their people. There is not a consensus on this issue, even, among Aboriginal groups and people. Triple J’s Hottest 100: The most controversial list yet.

Triple J’s Hottest 100 & 200

Triple J is making the whole long weekend a celebration of new Australian music. The Hottest 100 will be joined by the 100 songs that just missed out, making it a Hottest 200 tracks. Saturday 27th January will be the Hottest 100, followed on Sunday the 28th of January with the extra 100 songs. A bigger helping may be a PR strategy to avoid any flack from the decision. The organisation did survey their audience, twice, asking this question, and the majority supported the move. 60% supported moving the date to 39% not supporting the move, with 1% offering no opinion. There were 64 990 responses to the survey.

Gutless Commercial FM Radio Stations

The competition, in the form of Triple M (that bastion of culture and sensitivity) has criticised the move by Triple J. They have used the move and Triple J absence to launch their own Ozzest 100 list of songs to be served up on Australia Day. One can only be underwhelmed by this puerile and opportunistic move by the commercial FM radio network for the voice of white Australia. Aussie made new music has always been primarily supported by Triple J and only taken up by the gutless commercial FM stations, when it is safe to do so.

Respecting Culture & Diversity

Australia has a cruelty free future, when and if, those who respect culture and diversity are able to lead the nation in this regard. The recalcitrant boof heads, who catcall from the side lines, as trolls on social media. Hiding behind their anonymity and lacking the courage to stand up and be counted in any real argument, can only delay the inevitable. The world is moving towards recognition, respect and, dare I say, love for those disadvantaged and traditionally maligned by dominant white cultures.