Organic Music Festivals

Some would argue that all music festivals are organic, in the way that they form and come about. Organic Fest in Northern California has taken the name, but there are countless festivals around the globe offering as much organic stuff as possible. Organic simply means “relating to living matter”, according to most dictionaries. It has come to be more clearly defined as synonymous with chemical and pesticide free farming methods. However, we also talk about things happening organically a la naturally. Music festivals are great hodgepodges of activity and planning. They are part dream and nightmare for their organisers. They are an organic mass of creativity, performance, and appreciation by the attendees.

The Mass Dynamic & Identity

A mass of human beings has a dynamic and an identity of sorts. Every music festival has its own look and feel. Has its own crowd and pulse. The nature of the acts imposes a certain flavour upon proceedings. The weather and the locale all contribute accordingly. Organic music festivals live and breathe like all living matter. They vibrate with unique energy and they are loud like thunder storms and phenomenal weather. Young people are drawn to music festivals like moths to a flame. Individuals come in flocks seeking peak experiences and memorable moments to share with friends.

The Nature of Mass Events

There is a risk and reward for festival attendees, which is in the nature of mass events. Will I be swallowed up by the crowd and will my intentions be subsumed by the bubbling pulse of the many? Questions like these are at the heart of all fears among those who become one with the surging mass of human beings at festival time. The writhing mosh pit experience and the hypnotic trance dance of a crowd of seeming zombies.

The Tribal Heartland at the Centre of Human Life

There is a synergy between natural health and the organic music festival experience. It is a return to the tribal heartbeat at the centre of human life. The fake and sophisticated artifice falls away, as the drumming pounds and bodies sweat. Naked life is apparent in all its sensory brilliance, parading about like birds of paradise. Technology has its part to play in extending the reach of any event via social media. The word gets out and crazy party time images accompany it. The youth feed on excitement and the possibility of being a part of it. Organic music festivals hark back to the ancient Greeks and their crazy dramas.