Q: What is Australian Music Online?

Australian Music Online (AMO) is a web-based initiative designed to promote new Australian music through a network of content sharing partnerships.

Since its inception in March 2003, AMO formed mutually beneficial partnerships with members of the Australian music industry and media to facilitate this comprehensive web resource that collected, collated and shared information about new Australian music.

Our vision is that this innovative content sharing initiative results in more current and comprehensive information about Australian music being showcased throughout the Internet producing significant marketing and promotional benefits for the local music industry.

As of March 31, 2007, we’re unable to create (or update) any artist, release or label profiles on AMO. We are in the process of restructuring AMO. Please check back for further details.

Q: What genres of Australian music does AMO cover?

AMO is interested in ALL new Australian music. To make the site user-friendly, we have categorised the music on AMO into about 20 genres. Bands and artists can be listed under several genres.

• Adult Contemporary
• Ambient
• Blues
• Classical
• Country
• Dance
• Electronic
• Folk
• Hip Hop
• Independent/Alternative
• Indigenous
• Jazz
• Metal
• Pop
• R & B
• Rock
• Reggae/Ska/Dub/Funk
• R&B
• Spoken Word
• World

Q: How can I be profiled on Australian Music Online?

As you can see, AMO contains an extensive amount of content about Australian music, including artist profiles, release information, streaming audio files, label profiles, reviews and interviews. This content has been created by AMO as well as aggregated from our network of partners.

AMO syndicates all or parts of this content to an extensive array of partner websites. This syndication enables many other websites to offer a more complete service to their user bases through providing a richer catalogue of information about new Australian music. Visit the supporter’s page to see the complete list of websites and media organisations involved in AMO.

Q: Who is AMO collaborating with to gather and display this content about new Australian music?

Since March 2003, AMO has formed partnerships with over 22 music and media websites, ranging from ABC Online (including Triple J) to state-based music organisations like WAM, Tas Music and Q Music , through to conferences such as Adelaide’s Fuse Festival and specialist niche sites, including former partners Mono.net and Resident Advisor and many more.

AMO also supported triple j’s Unearthed Project and their Oz Music Month celebrations by helping to create web, radio and television content profiling local bands.

Visit the Supporters page to see the complete list of websites and media organisations involved in AMO.

Q: Is AMO interested in forming more partnerships?

AMO is currently in the process of being restructured, if you are interested in forming a partnership please check back for further details.

All the content on AMO is, however, still currently syndicated on a non-exclusive basis to third party websites. The online “jukeboxes” we’ve built for our very special content partners will remain live: check out the AMO Music Room on the MusicNSW site, and the Jukebox at WAM (click on the radio image) for two good examples.