Organic Music Festivals

Some would argue that all music festivals are organic, in the way that they form and come about. Organic Fest in Northern California has taken the name, but there are countless festivals around the globe offering as much organic stuff as possible. Organic simply means “relating to living matter”, according to most dictionaries. It has come to be more clearly defined as synonymous with chemical and pesticide free farming methods. However, we also talk about things happening organically a la naturally. Music festivals are great hodgepodges of activity and planning. They are part dream and nightmare for their organisers. They are an organic mass of creativity, performance, and appreciation by the attendees.

The Mass Dynamic & Identity

A mass of human beings has a dynamic and an identity of sorts. Every music festival has its own look and feel. Has its own crowd and pulse. The nature of the acts imposes a certain flavour upon proceedings. The weather and the locale all contribute accordingly. Organic music festivals live and breathe like all living matter. They vibrate with unique energy and they are loud like thunder storms and phenomenal weather. Young people are drawn to music festivals like moths to a flame. Individuals come in flocks seeking peak experiences and memorable moments to share with friends.

The Nature of Mass Events

There is a risk and reward for festival attendees, which is in the nature of mass events. Will I be swallowed up by the crowd and will my intentions be subsumed by the bubbling pulse of the many? Questions like these are at the heart of all fears among those who become one with the surging mass of human beings at festival time. The writhing mosh pit experience and the hypnotic trance dance of a crowd of seeming zombies.

The Tribal Heartland at the Centre of Human Life

There is a synergy between natural health and the organic music festival experience. It is a return to the tribal heartbeat at the centre of human life. The fake and sophisticated artifice falls away, as the drumming pounds and bodies sweat. Naked life is apparent in all its sensory brilliance, parading about like birds of paradise. Technology has its part to play in extending the reach of any event via social media. The word gets out and crazy party time images accompany it. The youth feed on excitement and the possibility of being a part of it. Organic music festivals hark back to the ancient Greeks and their crazy dramas.

Managing Waste At Australia’s Festivals

Each year, thousands of festivals are being held in Australia. From local food fairs to international music festivals, the Land Down Under always has something for everyone. In general, festivals are a great way to relax and unwind with your loved ones, momentarily break loose from your mundane job, and get yourself acquainted with new cultures, music, or food. Having said that, it is quite rare that we think about the potential environmental footprint that we leave while we are all having fun. After every fairs and festivals, mountains of trash are abandoned by the attendees and even by the event management team. This begs us to the question, “What is the best way in managing waste at Australia’s festivals?”

Managing Waste at Australia’s Festivals

More often than not, companies that offer commercial waste removal services are the ones who are in charge of managing waste at Australia’s festivals. Due to the amount of trash collected in the wake of festivals, these events are considered as environmental disasters by some. Aside from its unprepossessing appearance, waste from Australia’s festivals also poses health risks. Based on a survey conducted by A Greener Festival, 71 percent of the respondents concur that waste management is a serious problem by festivals in the country.

In an effort to minimize the waste generated, most festivals today are enacting waste management systems that are environmentally-friendly. There are a lot of simple ways on how festival-goers and organisers can help in managing waste at Australia’s festivals. Some of these include utilising biodegradable disposables, instituting cleanup drives, and practicing proper waste segregation.

Australia’s Festivals are Going Green

Organisers of various festivals are implementing cool gimmicks on how to promote proper waste management during and after the event. For instance, the Babylon Festival launched the “Butts Out” program where festival-goers who collect cigarette butts spotted within the festival grounds will be rewarded with free drinks. In addition, a cup full of cigarette butts gives the attendee one raffle entry to win a lifetime pass to Babylon, food vouchers, CD’s, and more.

The use of green transport is also encouraged by festival organisers. They urge the attendees to share a ride when going to the event. Moreover, green coach services are also arranged to transport festival-goers to and from the event. What makes these coach services green is that they use greener fuel sources.

How to Choose the Right DJ Equipment to make the Best Disco Party Music

Music, Party, Disco and Dj equipment are inter-related terminologies. They are all complementary terms in the entertainment industry. It is impossible to separate either of them. You cannot get one without getting the other. Take for instance, in a club, you need a Dj equipment to produce a disco music, the music then creates the party. This is the relationship between the four terms. This article will discuss how to combine these four concepts to get the best result.
dj equipment


1. The Essential Gear:

The essential gear of a DJ Equipment to produce disco party music includes, a Computer, DJ Controller and DJ Media Player. Your gear must also include an audio interface between your computer music software and external hardware like speakers. In case you do not have a mixing software, then get a standalone DJ Mixer. You also need a powered speaker system and headphones.

2. What to do with DJ Computer, Software and Apps:

DJ Softwares and Apps are used to monitor all mixing moves. It also does basic things like loading your music library and providing playbacks, play forward functionality among others. When choosing a software, you will discover that the variety of DJ Softwares available all perform similar functions. What determines the quality of music you can produce with a software is how comfortable you are with the software’s user interface as a DJ and on the otherhand how you can manage it.

3. DJ Headphones:

Your Headphones also play a vital role in the quality of music you are able to produce as a DJ. The first quality in choosing the right headphone is your level of comfort with it. Remember that you are going to be wearing them for hours so do not choose a headphone that you are not comfortable with. Also make sure that the headphones you use are flexible. You should be able to bend it in many directions. Also look for a headphone with closed ear design so that you can isolate surrounding noise from the music you are making.

4. DJ Multimedia Players:

Although several DJs would like to perform this task with the Computer, several multimedia players for DJ are still popularly used in the industry to create high quality disco party music. Some of the multimedia players you should consider are:

(i) Tabletop Players:
They are just like turntables however they are more advanced in functions and capacity. Most of them allow advanced effect like scratching, spinning, reverse and playforward.

(ii) Dual Players:
Dual Players offer versatile setup options. Dual rackmount players possess speed sensitive jog wheels that allows you to either increase the speed of the song you are playing or slow it down. They also offer scratching, rewind and fast forward functionality.

5. Speakers:

The job of your speakers is to broadcast your music to your audience. It is important to have a good set of them. Your DJ Speakers has to cover a full range of frequencies to reproduce the entire sounds your music contains. Also it is important that you carry a wide selection of speakers that would suit any set up.

The Power of Music To Reduce Stress

music stress reliever

Next time when you are feeling tense, irritable, nervous or stress, try listening to a little piece of melody. Studies indicate that music works wonders at raising overall feelings of well-being and alleviating pressure.

A few of the means music soothes stress include:

1. Deep breathing.

2. Increased serotonin.

3. Better slumber. Listening to music before bed leads to a sound slumber.

4. Decreased pain.

5. Heart rate that is slower

6. Creation of heart-protective compounds.

The response could come back to our initial lullaby – in the uterus of our mom. For nine months we were tucked away, comforted by the mild rush of water, as well as the steady beat of a pulse encircling us.

So next instance you are feeling nervous, stressed or uptight, turn back to music. Here are some of the tips on the best way to make your stress go away:

  1. Studies have shown that our pressure is lessened by listening to the type of music we enjoy – but the music can really increase our anxiety levels. Nation, jazz, reggae, alternative, pop and rock music all will reduce tension if it is your music.
  2. Alter the tunes you play. Listening to the same tune over and again will reduce an effect -relieving.
  3. Listen with our without earphones. Whichever method you favor is not worst.
  4. This will provide you a boost that is threefold to surmount your anxiety: clean atmosphere, exercise, and music. If you’re not in the mood to walk, while listening resting will continue to be successful.
  5. Whether you walk, sit, lie down or fold laundry, listen for around.

10 minutes to get the most effective result. However, even as little as a tune or two will allow you to feel more relaxed.

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