How bands and musicians can play with the digital space

There are so many applications for SEO and digital marketing. Other than the usual efforts to drive to site, this could also be helpful for bands and musicians who hope to gain relevance in the digital space through online advertisement. Musicians could definitely play around digitally since what they have to offer is definitely exciting. It’s just a matter of having the strategy and a solid vision of how they want to market themselves. Here are some ways these artists could use digital advertising to their advantage.

Knowing your brand

musicians and bands SEOBands and musicians must know who they are as artists. This is important in order to know what image they want to convey through their audience. If they have a website, SEO will definitely be a big help as keywords that are of relevance with their artistic brand will lead internet users to visit and consume the content that is on their site. When they house their music in the website, these users will also be given an opportunity to listen to their material as well. They can also opt for unique forms of online advertisement like promoted Youtube videos that will serve as pre-roll advertisements and page post ads on Facebook. Digital marketing is a very tactical way of promoting their artistic brand online.

If what they set as a personal brand is clear, then future fans can flock and take interest in what they’re trying to sell. This must be kept solid throughout their careers, as this serves as the anchor for them to stay. When trying to play around with digital marketing, they must avoid the mindset that they must be present across the board. Bands amd musicians must only think of forms of online advertisement that are on strategy with their artistic brand. This can be simple page post ads on Facebook, Spotify banners, and tie ups with Shazam. SEO can be utilised pretty well as well.

Getting creative

Major Lazer, a very popular DJ duo, has used digital marketing to their advantage in promoting their hit single “Lean On.” They utilised Spotify ads to promote the smash hit, and this has translated very well into sales. With the help of online advertisement, the song has skyrocketed to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Major Lazer has utilised SEO as well, as when users google the song title, it will redirect them to the iTunes page where they can buy the track. This effort by the DJ duo is probably the first of its kind. With the help of smart promotions and tactical ads on relevant media, they have put their song on top of the charts.

For music fans, the chances of discovering or stumbling upon a new band through search engines are close to none. This is where proper use of SEO comes in. For those bands and musicians who hope to be discovered via search engine, having the right keywords is essential. New bands can go for general keywords that have no mention of their name whatsoever. A sample of this would be “classical rock band” or “indie pop singer.” Branded keywords work when the band or musician has already garnered a solid fan base. This branch of digital advertising is one of the go-to methods as this guarantees awareness and at least a drive to site. Other forms of online advertisement that can be linked to the use of search englne optimization are Google Display Network ads that are keyword-dependent as well.

Importance of a website

While having official social media pages are enough for some bands and musicians, having an official website is still advisable. Text ads on Google that use SEO well are helpful when they want to redirect users to their website. Text ads usually appear on top of the results page, ensuring that the viewers will at least see the link of the website – and hopefully this shall lead to visits as well. Having a website is almost an essential when it comes to digital marketing for any type of product and brand. It gives them a space that is solely theirs and that they can tell about who and what they are without any inhibitions and limitations. Doing more than just one type of online advertisement could also help any brand, as long as they serve a special purpose and added not just for the sake of doing so.

When it comes to the official websites of these bands and musicians, updating must be on the top of the list of priorities. Whether it’s about gig schedules or brief descriptions of those who are involved in the band, the website is where they put in all the details every fan or fan-to-be wants to know. They must utilize this digital marketing asset fully, as these are often paid for and it can be used for both online advertisement and PR as well. The use of SEO must not be forgotten as well, because what’s the point of building their own website when there are no efforts to invite future fans to visit it?

Engage with fans

Beyond having the right digital marketing assets, bands and musicians must also interact with their audience frequently. This is also another anchor to make their audience stick around. The digital space is a very convenient avenue of which they can talk to their fans directly, and to foster conversations with them. Online advertisement and SEO can do their own thing, but it’s different when the band or musician themselves make an effort to reach out to the fans.

Making efforts on digital is one thing, but creating music that is of value for fans is the most important. The reason why bands and musicians go on to the advertising and marketing biz is so that can create awareness and buzz about themselves. For each step of the way, they must keep their fans wanting more music and material from their end – and the rest is history. Bands and musicians must not be afraid of tapping the digital space, as it could work very well on their end.