Organic Music Festivals

Some would argue that all music festivals are organic, in the way that they form and come about. Organic Fest in Northern California has taken the name, but there are countless festivals around the globe offering as much organic stuff as possible. Organic simply means “relating to living matter”, according to most dictionaries. It has come to be more clearly defined as synonymous with chemical and pesticide free farming methods. However, we also talk about things happening organically a la naturally. Music festivals are great hodgepodges of activity and planning. They are part dream and nightmare for their organisers. They are an organic mass of creativity, performance, and appreciation by the attendees.

The Mass Dynamic & Identity

A mass of human beings has a dynamic and an identity of sorts. Every music festival has its own look and feel. Has its own crowd and pulse. The nature of the acts imposes a certain flavour upon proceedings. The weather and the locale all contribute accordingly. Organic music festivals live and breathe like all living matter. They vibrate with unique energy and they are loud like thunder storms and phenomenal weather. Young people are drawn to music festivals like moths to a flame. Individuals come in flocks seeking peak experiences and memorable moments to share with friends.

The Nature of Mass Events

There is a risk and reward for festival attendees, which is in the nature of mass events. Will I be swallowed up by the crowd and will my intentions be subsumed by the bubbling pulse of the many? Questions like these are at the heart of all fears among those who become one with the surging mass of human beings at festival time. The writhing mosh pit experience and the hypnotic trance dance of a crowd of seeming zombies.

The Tribal Heartland at the Centre of Human Life

There is a synergy between natural health and the organic music festival experience. It is a return to the tribal heartbeat at the centre of human life. The fake and sophisticated artifice falls away, as the drumming pounds and bodies sweat. Naked life is apparent in all its sensory brilliance, parading about like birds of paradise. Technology has its part to play in extending the reach of any event via social media. The word gets out and crazy party time images accompany it. The youth feed on excitement and the possibility of being a part of it. Organic music festivals hark back to the ancient Greeks and their crazy dramas.

Triple J’s Hottest 100: The Most Controversial List Yet

The ABC’s Triple J has moved their Hottest 100 to the day after Australia Day in 2018. In line with many local councils around the nation, the broadcaster has opted to remove their biggest day of the year away from the controversy and out of the firing line. There has been growing discussion about the nature of Australia Day in relation to our First Australians. Many indigenous Aussies feel that celebrating the invasion and conquering of their ancestors is an insult to them and the memory of their people. There is not a consensus on this issue, even, among Aboriginal groups and people. Triple J’s Hottest 100: The most controversial list yet.

Triple J’s Hottest 100 & 200

Triple J is making the whole long weekend a celebration of new Australian music. The Hottest 100 will be joined by the 100 songs that just missed out, making it a Hottest 200 tracks. Saturday 27th January will be the Hottest 100, followed on Sunday the 28th of January with the extra 100 songs. A bigger helping may be a PR strategy to avoid any flack from the decision. The organisation did survey their audience, twice, asking this question, and the majority supported the move. 60% supported moving the date to 39% not supporting the move, with 1% offering no opinion. There were 64 990 responses to the survey.

Gutless Commercial FM Radio Stations

The competition, in the form of Triple M (that bastion of culture and sensitivity) has criticised the move by Triple J. They have used the move and Triple J absence to launch their own Ozzest 100 list of songs to be served up on Australia Day. One can only be underwhelmed by this puerile and opportunistic move by the commercial FM radio network for the voice of white Australia. Aussie made new music has always been primarily supported by Triple J and only taken up by the gutless commercial FM stations, when it is safe to do so.

Respecting Culture & Diversity

Australia has a cruelty free future, when and if, those who respect culture and diversity are able to lead the nation in this regard. The recalcitrant boof heads, who catcall from the side lines, as trolls on social media. Hiding behind their anonymity and lacking the courage to stand up and be counted in any real argument, can only delay the inevitable. The world is moving towards recognition, respect and, dare I say, love for those disadvantaged and traditionally maligned by dominant white cultures.

Managing Waste At Australia’s Festivals

Each year, thousands of festivals are being held in Australia. From local food fairs to international music festivals, the Land Down Under always has something for everyone. In general, festivals are a great way to relax and unwind with your loved ones, momentarily break loose from your mundane job, and get yourself acquainted with new cultures, music, or food. Having said that, it is quite rare that we think about the potential environmental footprint that we leave while we are all having fun. After every fairs and festivals, mountains of trash are abandoned by the attendees and even by the event management team. This begs us to the question, “What is the best way in managing waste at Australia’s festivals?”

Managing Waste at Australia’s Festivals

More often than not, companies that offer commercial waste removal services are the ones who are in charge of managing waste at Australia’s festivals. Due to the amount of trash collected in the wake of festivals, these events are considered as environmental disasters by some. Aside from its unprepossessing appearance, waste from Australia’s festivals also poses health risks. Based on a survey conducted by A Greener Festival, 71 percent of the respondents concur that waste management is a serious problem by festivals in the country.

In an effort to minimize the waste generated, most festivals today are enacting waste management systems that are environmentally-friendly. There are a lot of simple ways on how festival-goers and organisers can help in managing waste at Australia’s festivals. Some of these include utilising biodegradable disposables, instituting cleanup drives, and practicing proper waste segregation.

Australia’s Festivals are Going Green

Organisers of various festivals are implementing cool gimmicks on how to promote proper waste management during and after the event. For instance, the Babylon Festival launched the “Butts Out” program where festival-goers who collect cigarette butts spotted within the festival grounds will be rewarded with free drinks. In addition, a cup full of cigarette butts gives the attendee one raffle entry to win a lifetime pass to Babylon, food vouchers, CD’s, and more.

The use of green transport is also encouraged by festival organisers. They urge the attendees to share a ride when going to the event. Moreover, green coach services are also arranged to transport festival-goers to and from the event. What makes these coach services green is that they use greener fuel sources.

Inside The Homes Of Australia’s Musicians

Many of us are at that age when we share in the memories of the golden epoch of Australian rock. Cold Chisel, Paul Kelly, John Farnham, Midnight Oil, Hunters & Collectors, Icehouse, INXS and a host of other lessor or larger lights bestrode the suburban beer barns and RSL Clubs. They brought us a collective contemporary self-esteem, through their sheer talent and thumping bass lines. Artists like Chrissy Amphlett of the Divinyls and Nick Cave of the Birthday Party were seminal creatures of the night, entertaining our wee hours in seedy nightclubs, across our cities. What were these party animals doing at home, when they were not playing hard or acting out our pop star fantasies?

Inside The Homes Of Australia’s Musicians

What were their domestic abodes like? Were their homes extensions of their Rockstar appetites for excess? Did Jimmy Barnes live in a palace of our dreams? What about our own John Farnham, what did he get up to in his own time? The one time apprentice plumber, who early on became the King of Pop, did he succumb to serious wealth and its dangerous appetites? Barnsey did live it up in a very big mansion in Bowral for many years, before moving to France, to continue some hell raising there. These days he has settled down in Berrima and lives a fairly quiet existence, enjoying quality time with his wife of many years and family.

John Farnham did not disappoint in his choice of palatial homes, either, with some serious country living near Bendigo in Victoria. Chance Lodge was a huge two-storey ranch style home, complete with massive equestrian property. Stables, paddocks and show arena indulged his passion for quarter horses. Whispering Jack may have thought himself a bit of a horse whisperer. Success in the entertainment industry breeds a taste for high living in style. Farnham and Barnes shared immigrant roots and were both from battling stock and made good on a big scale in Australian terms.

Inside the homes of Australian musicians, you will, often, find celebrity kitchen designs in one or two or three of their gastronomic temples. Living it up means good food, and good food comes out of a great kitchen. As cooking has taken off, here in Australia, and around the western world, pop stars, especially as they get a bit older, have not been immune to the lure of the spatula. Cooking, like performing. can be hard work, but it is equally as satisfying, when you sit down to eat and drink with family and friends.


Busting a Move: Performers & Their Injuries

Performing on stage can be exhilarating, exciting and at times downright dangerous. When performers wish other performers to, “break a leg” it is to take the hoodoo and bad luck out of the metaphysical equation. Musical artists and rock band members are often using their physicality to enhance the overall performance for the audience. A guitar hero might model his, or her, work on the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Busting moves and guitars in impassioned poses and thrashing around on stage. Performers do get injured doing these things; and bands, and artists, do not want to have to postpone or cancel concerts based on accidents and injuries.

Busting a Move: Performers & Their Injuries

It is pretty easy to pull a muscle or strain a ligament on stage when careening around at high intensity moments during the performance of a song. Injured band members then need access to physios or chiropractors to fix them fast. Chiropractic services are often on hand at big concerts by super groups and pop stars. Venue management may have a roster of doctors and nurses readily available to mend and treat both performers and stage technicians. Roadies are carrying those large pieces of audio/visual equipment and there are fork lifts zooming around. It is a potentially dangerous place and occupational health and safety have plenty of rules in place.

Performers are like athletes in many ways, they are both seeking glory. Great musicians and singers want to push their performances to the max, as do top line athletes in sporting events. Injuries are bound to happen when you are reaching for the stars. Concerts have been cancelled due to injuries. I remember when John Farnham had to cancel a gig because he almost swallowed his microphone, resulting in a chipped tooth and bruised upper palate. The late great Chrissy Amphlett once slipped on stage during a rendition of I Touch Myself and doctors had to be called to extract broken digits. The show however went on and Chrissy completed the delayed performance.

Life on the road can be full of nasty surprises for musical artists; and not just pox ridden groupies and bloated livers but real accidents. The INXS singer Michael Hutchence not only famously hung himself whilst masturbating, but was a regular drunk onstage, falling down at many gigs early in his career. Living up to the Jim Morrison style legend can come at a painful price.


The Top 5 Sexy Songs by Aussie Artists

According to, the early Australian pop scene is about narratives of immigrants, female singers, and famous activities and events in Australia. As a matter of fact, Australian pop music is among the booming musical exports of the country. Among the biggest pop icons back then are Bee Gees, John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John. TV soap operas also gave birth to prominent pop stars, including The Chantoozies, Kylie Minogue and Delta Goodrem.

Over the past 50 years, there are a lot of Australian pop artists who have influenced and made a mark in today’s music industry. In addition, usual upbeat pop music transformed to pop rock, soul pop, slow pop and disco pop, among others. Here is our list of today’s sexy pop songs that you could play while having liaison with the ladies.

The Top 5 Sexy Songs by Aussie Artists

This Brisbane-born pop artist made headlines after releasing his debut single ‘Please Don’t Go’. Aside from his blue eyes and obviously sexy image, Joel Adams became an instant hit because of his soulful, pop music. His crystal-clear tone and the song’s warm lyrics make ‘Please Don’t Go’ a perfect mood setter. The song also has everything: lyrics, emotions and pop rhythm.

  • Take Me When You Go by Betty Who

Betty Who is a Sydney native who is currently making his mark in the United States. Her single ‘Take Me When You Go’ is about love, breakups and maturity. This being said, the song is catchy and sensual. It is euphoric and got some reflective moments. If you want to hear romanticism, pluckiness and playfulness rolled in one music, you better check Betty Who’s ‘Take Me When You Go’.

  • Never Be Like You by Flume feat. Kai

‘Never Be Like You’ tackles distractions encountered in a relationship, which are just fleeting and not worth it. The EDM side of the song plus the synonymous trap and bass makes it an eargasmic experience. The vocals are also great, and you can feel the sexual tension imbued in the song.

  • Salted Wound by Sia

Speaking of sexy, Sia’s ‘Salted Wound’ is actually a soundtrack of the film Fifty Shades of Grey. The song is full of emotion, but still gives this haunting, sexual feeling.

  • On Your Side by The Veronicas

The Veronicas is the epitome of the modern-day Australian pop music scene. Their single ‘On Your Side’ projects EDM-pop realness. The song has serious hooks and showcases their captivating vocals.

How bands and musicians can play with the digital space

There are so many applications for SEO and digital marketing. Other than the usual efforts to drive to site, this could also be helpful for bands and musicians who hope to gain relevance in the digital space through online advertisement. Musicians could definitely play around digitally since what they have to offer is definitely exciting. It’s just a matter of having the strategy and a solid vision of how they want to market themselves. Here are some ways these artists could use digital advertising to their advantage.

Knowing your brand

musicians and bands SEOBands and musicians must know who they are as artists. This is important in order to know what image they want to convey through their audience. If they have a website, SEO will definitely be a big help as keywords that are of relevance with their artistic brand will lead internet users to visit and consume the content that is on their site. When they house their music in the website, these users will also be given an opportunity to listen to their material as well. They can also opt for unique forms of online advertisement like promoted Youtube videos that will serve as pre-roll advertisements and page post ads on Facebook. Digital marketing is a very tactical way of promoting their artistic brand online.

If what they set as a personal brand is clear, then future fans can flock and take interest in what they’re trying to sell. This must be kept solid throughout their careers, as this serves as the anchor for them to stay. When trying to play around with digital marketing, they must avoid the mindset that they must be present across the board. Bands amd musicians must only think of forms of online advertisement that are on strategy with their artistic brand. This can be simple page post ads on Facebook, Spotify banners, and tie ups with Shazam. SEO can be utilised pretty well as well.

Getting creative

Major Lazer, a very popular DJ duo, has used digital marketing to their advantage in promoting their hit single “Lean On.” They utilised Spotify ads to promote the smash hit, and this has translated very well into sales. With the help of online advertisement, the song has skyrocketed to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. Major Lazer has utilised SEO as well, as when users google the song title, it will redirect them to the iTunes page where they can buy the track. This effort by the DJ duo is probably the first of its kind. With the help of smart promotions and tactical ads on relevant media, they have put their song on top of the charts.

For music fans, the chances of discovering or stumbling upon a new band through search engines are close to none. This is where proper use of SEO comes in. For those bands and musicians who hope to be discovered via search engine, having the right keywords is essential. New bands can go for general keywords that have no mention of their name whatsoever. A sample of this would be “classical rock band” or “indie pop singer.” Branded keywords work when the band or musician has already garnered a solid fan base. This branch of digital advertising is one of the go-to methods as this guarantees awareness and at least a drive to site. Other forms of online advertisement that can be linked to the use of search englne optimization are Google Display Network ads that are keyword-dependent as well.

Importance of a website

While having official social media pages are enough for some bands and musicians, having an official website is still advisable. Text ads on Google that use SEO well are helpful when they want to redirect users to their website. Text ads usually appear on top of the results page, ensuring that the viewers will at least see the link of the website – and hopefully this shall lead to visits as well. Having a website is almost an essential when it comes to digital marketing for any type of product and brand. It gives them a space that is solely theirs and that they can tell about who and what they are without any inhibitions and limitations. Doing more than just one type of online advertisement could also help any brand, as long as they serve a special purpose and added not just for the sake of doing so.

When it comes to the official websites of these bands and musicians, updating must be on the top of the list of priorities. Whether it’s about gig schedules or brief descriptions of those who are involved in the band, the website is where they put in all the details every fan or fan-to-be wants to know. They must utilize this digital marketing asset fully, as these are often paid for and it can be used for both online advertisement and PR as well. The use of SEO must not be forgotten as well, because what’s the point of building their own website when there are no efforts to invite future fans to visit it?

Engage with fans

Beyond having the right digital marketing assets, bands and musicians must also interact with their audience frequently. This is also another anchor to make their audience stick around. The digital space is a very convenient avenue of which they can talk to their fans directly, and to foster conversations with them. Online advertisement and SEO can do their own thing, but it’s different when the band or musician themselves make an effort to reach out to the fans.

Making efforts on digital is one thing, but creating music that is of value for fans is the most important. The reason why bands and musicians go on to the advertising and marketing biz is so that can create awareness and buzz about themselves. For each step of the way, they must keep their fans wanting more music and material from their end – and the rest is history. Bands and musicians must not be afraid of tapping the digital space, as it could work very well on their end.

How to Choose the Right DJ Equipment to make the Best Disco Party Music

Music, Party, Disco and Dj equipment are inter-related terminologies. They are all complementary terms in the entertainment industry. It is impossible to separate either of them. You cannot get one without getting the other. Take for instance, in a club, you need a Dj equipment to produce a disco music, the music then creates the party. This is the relationship between the four terms. This article will discuss how to combine these four concepts to get the best result.
dj equipment


1. The Essential Gear:

The essential gear of a DJ Equipment to produce disco party music includes, a Computer, DJ Controller and DJ Media Player. Your gear must also include an audio interface between your computer music software and external hardware like speakers. In case you do not have a mixing software, then get a standalone DJ Mixer. You also need a powered speaker system and headphones.

2. What to do with DJ Computer, Software and Apps:

DJ Softwares and Apps are used to monitor all mixing moves. It also does basic things like loading your music library and providing playbacks, play forward functionality among others. When choosing a software, you will discover that the variety of DJ Softwares available all perform similar functions. What determines the quality of music you can produce with a software is how comfortable you are with the software’s user interface as a DJ and on the otherhand how you can manage it.

3. DJ Headphones:

Your Headphones also play a vital role in the quality of music you are able to produce as a DJ. The first quality in choosing the right headphone is your level of comfort with it. Remember that you are going to be wearing them for hours so do not choose a headphone that you are not comfortable with. Also make sure that the headphones you use are flexible. You should be able to bend it in many directions. Also look for a headphone with closed ear design so that you can isolate surrounding noise from the music you are making.

4. DJ Multimedia Players:

Although several DJs would like to perform this task with the Computer, several multimedia players for DJ are still popularly used in the industry to create high quality disco party music. Some of the multimedia players you should consider are:

(i) Tabletop Players:
They are just like turntables however they are more advanced in functions and capacity. Most of them allow advanced effect like scratching, spinning, reverse and playforward.

(ii) Dual Players:
Dual Players offer versatile setup options. Dual rackmount players possess speed sensitive jog wheels that allows you to either increase the speed of the song you are playing or slow it down. They also offer scratching, rewind and fast forward functionality.

5. Speakers:

The job of your speakers is to broadcast your music to your audience. It is important to have a good set of them. Your DJ Speakers has to cover a full range of frequencies to reproduce the entire sounds your music contains. Also it is important that you carry a wide selection of speakers that would suit any set up.

Amuse Yourself on the Long Haul

A short flight can be a bit tedious, but a long one can be almost unbearable without a lineup of amusements to keep you sane. Consider your options depending on the length of your flight. Stick to your interests, or try something new to amuse yourself. You’ll be surprised at the number of things you can do just to while away the time on a long flight.

  1. Try Sleeping
  2. Some find it easy to sleep off the hours while traveling. This is an ideal way to catch up on some shut-eye. But when you are wide awake after just a short nap and still have some two or three hours to kill before landing, you can probably turn to the man sitting beside you and start annoying him! There are a few though who find it difficult to fall asleep during a flight. Taking a window seat could help as you get to rest your head on the window. Of course, it’s much easier to sleep if you’re in first class, but a small pillow may provide some comfort. Still, there are other methods to keep amused without disturbing anyone.

  3. Listen to Some Music
  4. Knowing how long your flight will be, you can get on board prepared with some music of your choice. Download some on iTunes on your iPhone you can enjoy during your long flight. Of course, once you are on board, change the settings on your mobile phone to “in flight” or “airplane mode.” Otherwise, you can’t use your phone during the flight.

  5. Read a Book
  6. This is always a superb option. Have at least two novels at hand, depending on how long your flight is. Get hold of publications that are enjoyable and simple to read, since you will be stuck with these once you are on board. But don’t bring your novel about hijackings or aircraft catastrophes for apparent reasons!

  7. Watch a Movie
  8. Watching a picture is usually a pleasing way to occupy your time. Some airlines offer in-flight movies, and you can arrange for one to watch during your flight. Or you can bring your own selection on your device or gadget. Movies are quite entertaining and last longer. So watching one while you’re flying is an excellent option.

  9. Play Games on Your Device
  10. These are (unsurprisingly) enjoyable, at least for a little while. Whenever you are due for a long haul, tuck these games near you for quick, on-demand enjoyment. When using a PSP or DS, just make sure the wireless function is turned off.

  11. Listen to Audio Books
  12. An alternative to music is listening to audio books. These take quite a while to conclude and are readily accessible. You only have to settle back and relax, and listen.

  13. Socialize
  14. Strike up a conversation with your seatmates. There are times when you meet with wonderful folks sitting right next to you. You may even end up having long conversations in case you hail from the same state or share the same culture.

  15. Take Sudoku Puzzles
  16. Take those that are challenging. Time flies when you try to solve difficult ones.

  17. Knit or Crochet
  18. If you have the inclination, knitting or crocheting can really take up your time. A long flight is an excellent chance to catch up on that knitting or crocheting you don’t ever get to do.

  19. Look Out the Window
  20. Take pleasure in the various colours as well as textures of sights from your window seat: the hills and valleys, construction, and the roads. It is a good way to just let your eye wander and allow your mind to be free of anything stressful, even if only for a while.

  21. Choose a Mobile Game
  22. You can also choose to play some games on your mobile phone. If your flight is a long one, you can relish playing your game without interruption.

  23. Shoot Pictures
  24. It’s possible for you to appreciate hours shooting photos of sunsets, Caribbean isles, clouds, or the Sahara through your window.

  25. Write
  26. Begin a journal, or get a head start on that autobiography that you’ve been wanting to do for some time! Compose an e-mail, poem, or story about the feelings that your photos in-flight evoke. Or scribble something about your trip, an encounter during your flight, or your expectations of your destination. Make a list of the sights you’re excited to see at your vacation destination. Writing can take up a lot of time and may also prove enjoyable.

    So if you want an interesting and relaxing flight, fly with Skytraders. They have all the tools you need to enjoy your flight. They have magazines, TV monitors, music, and other audio-visual amusements, anything that you may like to ease the boredom of a long flight. You can also request for pillows and books. Just ask your Skytraders flight attendants, and they would love to help you.

The Power of Music To Reduce Stress

music stress reliever

Next time when you are feeling tense, irritable, nervous or stress, try listening to a little piece of melody. Studies indicate that music works wonders at raising overall feelings of well-being and alleviating pressure.

A few of the means music soothes stress include:

1. Deep breathing.

2. Increased serotonin.

3. Better slumber. Listening to music before bed leads to a sound slumber.

4. Decreased pain.

5. Heart rate that is slower

6. Creation of heart-protective compounds.

The response could come back to our initial lullaby – in the uterus of our mom. For nine months we were tucked away, comforted by the mild rush of water, as well as the steady beat of a pulse encircling us.

So next instance you are feeling nervous, stressed or uptight, turn back to music. Here are some of the tips on the best way to make your stress go away:

  1. Studies have shown that our pressure is lessened by listening to the type of music we enjoy – but the music can really increase our anxiety levels. Nation, jazz, reggae, alternative, pop and rock music all will reduce tension if it is your music.
  2. Alter the tunes you play. Listening to the same tune over and again will reduce an effect -relieving.
  3. Listen with our without earphones. Whichever method you favor is not worst.
  4. This will provide you a boost that is threefold to surmount your anxiety: clean atmosphere, exercise, and music. If you’re not in the mood to walk, while listening resting will continue to be successful.
  5. Whether you walk, sit, lie down or fold laundry, listen for around.

10 minutes to get the most effective result. However, even as little as a tune or two will allow you to feel more relaxed.

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