Moving Tips

What Most People Forget When Moving House

There is a tone of things to remember when it comes time to moving, whether it is moving interstate or moving local. A standard family can have 100 cubic metres of belongings to relocate in a single move, from large precious items to small intricate pieces of paper, with all the things to organize surrounding a move, its only human nature to have some things forgotten about.

Label boxes

The simple task of labelling a box can often be forgotten, most people tend not to have a plan when tackling moving. Packing items into whatever box is the closest. Although this may seem like a small issue, however it may cost you more time at the other end. Trying to unpack items to areas in your new home without knowing where to find the item in the first place is all too common. Removalists are unable to place boxes in specific areas of the home if there are no labels on the box. To save time, label the boxes with the name of the room, description of what is inside and for all those boxes that contain fragile items.

Using quality packing materials

People tend to forget about quality packing materials and just using what is available. Collecting flimsy boxes, using stationary tape and any plastic bag you can find may not be the best option. The use of these inferior items can lead to situations during a move that is unfavourable. Boxes can collapse due to the weight of the contents, items can get damaged if moving in bad weather and using boxes that once transported food products can leave opportunities for pest infestations.

Furniture removalists are not car carriers

Generally, people fail to understand that furniture removalists are not car carriers, they specialise in household items and not automotive. Of course they are able to relocate a motorcycle if space is available, but what happens in the event the truck is full? Being left to organize vehicle transport on moving day is not ideal and can only add to the stress of your moving experience, not to mention the costs associated with priority automotive relocations. Instead, take the time to find vehicle transport quotes for your car, boat, caravan or motorcycle without relying on the removals company.

Declutter your belongings

Forgetting to declutter before your move is one thing we overlook. Overwhelmed by the entire moving experience, we try to fit everything we own in boxes, in our cars and caravans ready for the move. Being in the swing of packing is great, however packing things that you don’t need is not the best way to go about it. Moving empty shoe boxes, empty appliance boxes or the endless items in the wardrobe you don’t need is just costing you money. You are paying for valuable space on a truck, it may take one load, it may take two loads, you are getting charged at an hourly rate so don’t forget to declutter and bin what you don’t need and donate what you can to lighten the load.

Pack essentials together

Having a box of essentials all in one place is something that everyone tends to forget, one of the most frustrating things to do when moving is finding something you desperately need. Most people spend half the time finding items that they need instead of actually being productive. To conquer this problem, have an essentials box and think about all the items you use on a daily basis that you want access to straight away at your new house, items should include anything that would speed up your unpacking process and also emergency items  that can be easily accessed should it be required.